Back From Mexico

If you haven’t been waited on hand and foot in Puerto Vallarta, I recommend it. But it wasn’t all fun and games. This was a mastermind retreat for the Rhodium Founders group ( Aside from being lots of fun, my mind is buzzing with everything I learned and all the plans I have to put […]

STEEM Self-Voting Yields 21.55%

So I was doing a little math on STEEM voting yesterday. According to @penguinpablo‘s vote calc tool, an upvote with 10,000 STEEM creates 0.19 in rewards. But that’s in USD terms since SBDs are actually pretty close to 1 USD. So if you self-vote at an optimal 10 times per day, then you get 1.90 […]

A Simple Solution to Flint’s Water Crisis

In case you haven’t heard over the last few years, Flint, Michigan has been in a water crisis over lead in supply pipes. There has been all kinds of efforts and hand-wringing over what to do, who is to blame, what the government should do to fix it, etc etc. What there has not been […]

Urban Earthships?

I’ve been watching and reading @eco-alex’s phenomenal series on earthships over the past couple weeks: I’ve actually seen this seminar a few years ago, but it’s great to review. But I just had a thought. Why not go to a place like Detroit to build a whole bunch of earthships? Detroit is interesting because […]

More People Complaining About Wages

This time it’s wages for millenials: And there’s plenty of people commenting about how this proves that life isn’t fair, capitalism doesn’t work, etc etc. Well, I got bad news for you. This map basically just reflects median wages and the fact the millenials are on the younger side of the work force. The Social […]

This Shit is Awesome

So a couple years ago I had my gallbladder removed. That was the most pain I had ever been in and not an experience I recommend. Since then, I’ve had some digestive issues. Not huge, but enough to be constantly annoying. Without a gallbladder, bile is released into the intestines as a slow drip rather […]

Yesterday was a good day

It’s amazing how much better the day goes when I go to sleep at a reasonable hour, get a full night’s sleep, and then wake up with a plan. Yesterday worked out that way. In addition to restarting my daily grind here, I simplified my to-do down to just a few things that I wanted […]

Back to the Daily Grind

So I’ve decided to reignite my daily blogging habit. This time I’m using my actual blog and auto-crossposting to steem with steempress. I think 25% is too expensive for what steempress does, but I also don’t care all that much at the moment. I’m not placing any requirements on these posts other than to just […]