So I just ordered 30 new websites for our website publishing business for $570. That does not include the cost of the domains or hosting.

I’m wondering if it is worth buying a new hosting package for these sites specifically.

The domains will cost about $360, so we are looking at $930 minimum to get started which works out to $31 per site to have the basic niche selection, site setup, and first two articles written. That’s not too bad. If I add a new hosting package, it comes out to about $42 for the first full year.

The expected return per site is about $15 in the first year as-is, which works out to 48% if we use our existing hosting resources or 35% if we get new hosting.

The overall plan will be to get the sites up and running, and then do some semantic keyword research to flesh out the sites quite a bit. That will increase costs, but should provide a more substantial return.

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