10 Ideas for Kevin

Videos on how rankings work with links in 2015/2016 – moz report Types of links – contextual, image, sidebar/menu Anchor text – exact, long tail, semantic, url, brand, generic What will you rank for? It depends on your on-page Quality over quantity Controlled vs uncontrolled platforms Build your own ecosystem How to use Blogsvertise most effectively Relevancy is not identical Juice vs. Traffic. Why not both?

10 Ideas for Processes to Document

DAS – Creating a DAS page DAS – Creating a DAS stack DAS – Socializing a DAS page DAS – Syndicating a DAS stack DAS – Creating DAS Accounts PBN – Researching domains PBN – Creating a PBN install Content – Posting an article PBN – Semantic keyword research PBN – hosting a site

10 ideas for my next book in the building profitable websites series

In a previous post I talked about 10 ideas to expand my building profitable websites series. In this post I am going to be detailing 10 ideas for that next book. The book is going to be about actually setting up domain hosting and creating the site. Part one, the technicals One, selecting a domain name. advice of exact match domains has gone the way of the dodo. There used to be an added bonus for having an exact match domain, but Google did away with that some years ago. In today’s search engine environment, an exact match domain puts you at risk for Penguin and panda automatic penalties. So the solution is to create a brand. What does Google have to do a search? What does CNN have to do with news? Those letters and words have nothing to do with the subject that those websites are about. It is only through experience that we know that Google is related to search and CNN news related news. Similarly you have to build a brand for your own website. Later on, when you are building links to your site, this has the advantage of providing huge diversity to your anchor text profile. Two, registering the domain. There are tons of registration services out there to use. All of them do the same exact same job. Find one that is both cheap and offers cheap or free privacy protection. There are outfits out there and spammers out there who will mass email every domain registration in the universe. I get hundreds of these emails constantly. Fortunately my email filters to care most of them, but a few still sneak through. Personally I like services like hover.com and name.com for their cheap and easy registration. Go Daddy is very expensive, enom.com is also expensive. Name cheap.com gets you with a cheap first year, but then there were prices are very high. Again, they all do pre-much the same thing. So find the best deal but you can. Three, hosting the domain. We comes to hosting, to a degree you get what you pay for. When you host a website, it’s where you website lives. So when you get visitors to your website, you want to make sure that they are served quickly and efficiently. This means that your host should have very good uptime, and plenty of bandwidth available for your site. A lot of the cheap hosting plans out there oversell their servers. So when someone tries to visit your site, somebody else is trying to access the thousand other sites on that same system. This slows down the delivery of content to your user. This is both a ranking factor in Google, albeit a lesser one, and it is incredibly annoying to a user. How many times have you that out of website because it was just taking too long to load? I do it all time. However, you don’t break the bank. There are plenty of great hosts out […]

10 Ideas for More Books in the Build Profitable Websites Series

Setting up your site: domains, hosting, WordPress, and writers Developing content: article directions, images, videos, and on page factors Publication syndication: social signals, RSS feeds, and secondary properties Outreach: blog comments, wiki articles, press releases, groups and sub Reddit’s Back linking: getting high quality links Back linking: Stealing your competition’s links Building your own link network: domain research Building your link network: site set up and hosting Building your link network: syndicated content and curated content Building your link network: adding your own links

10 Ideas for Content Marketing a New Article – July 30, 2015

Create a video based on the article. Post to video sites with links back to article and WRS1, embed on WR1 Create a PR release on new article and/or new video ($35) Curate article/video in DAS (JR) Create WR2 & WR3 based on article (JR) Hit WR3 with GSA Hit DAS with GSA RSS syndicate WR1, WR2, WR3, DAS Send video GSA and views Push signals to all nodes PR/TF/DA post

10 Ideas to Write Press Releases About – July 29, 2015

Local – Plastic surgery (pick specialty) statistics Local – New How-To Guide: Getting more traffic to your business’ website Affiliate/CPA – New Comparison Guide – mypcbackup vs cloud backup (maxbounty) Affiliate/CPA – New Award for Product – steel building Affiliate/CPA – New Top 10 List – dating programs Semantic Keyword Resarch – Underground Info Report (LeadMagnet) Semantic Keyword Resarch – New Paid Case Study (Splinter) Semantic Keyword Resarch – New Service (CoreOffer) Affiliate/CPA – New Comparison Guide – robotic mowers Affiliate/CPA – New Company – Jody’s tactical Amazon thing

10 Ideas on Ways to Improve My Sites – July 24 2015

Clean up analytics remove referrer spam remove UA-id spam move to piwik? Check for inner pages that are getting traffic & write more Figure out the topics that are attractive to the marketplace and build on those Do keyword research for additional, related topics to add to the site Article format ideas – http://www.movoto.com/blog/movoto-com/buzzfeed-for-real-estate/ Add 2,000 words per week Add custom videos to WRS1 Build DAS based on videos Build cross-platform networks based on keywords Build pinvid WR2s per silo or per page Build web 2.0 WR2 & WR3 blast these with links RSS syndication create lead magnet/splinter funnels powered by ads optimize monetization

10 Ideas for Apps to Develop – July 23, 2015

Paleo Road Trip – Find the nearest paleo friendly food on the road map search radius Is this Paleo – Scan bar code, refer to database, determine if ingredients are paleo Miracle Morning – meditation, guided affirmation, guided visualization, exercise motivation, writing suggestions – all timed. Random breakfast generator Pack your lunch – suggest brown bag combinations based on what you have. Don’t have this item? Generate new lunch Diet options paleo vegetarian vegan south beach etc Curated podcasts Where do you want to go? end the constant conversation cycle over where you want to go for dinner. Click a button, find a good restaurant social proof how many people how much was  your bill 1 -5 thumbs up Echolocation Could be useful for measuring Could be useful for blind people GPS Property Profile pull GPS coordinates Select from 10 nearest addresses Pull data for the selected property comp value sales trends in area Take photo Idea Brainstorm Helper suggest topics ask keyword-based questions who what where when why how

10 ideas for finding good tax deed investing markets – July 21, 2015

10 ideas for finding good tax deed investing markets Upmarket – Positive population growth states Within states, which counties have sufficient population? Upmarket – Within each county, which areas are growing? Where are the top half of high schools? Where are the top half of home values? Where is the high income area? Go where the ducks are! Downmarket – Dropping home values (low competition) Downmarket – Population leaving (within limits) Downmarket – Below replacement cost values