10 Ideas for Kevin

Videos on how rankings work with links in 2015/2016 – moz report Types of links – contextual, image, sidebar/menu Anchor text – exact, long tail, semantic, url, brand, generic What will you rank for? It depends on your on-page Quality over quantity Controlled vs uncontrolled platforms Build your own ecosystem How to use Blogsvertise most […]

10 Ideas for Processes to Document

DAS – Creating a DAS page DAS – Creating a DAS stack DAS – Socializing a DAS page DAS – Syndicating a DAS stack DAS – Creating DAS Accounts PBN – Researching domains PBN – Creating a PBN install Content – Posting an article PBN – Semantic keyword research PBN – hosting a site

10 Ideas for More Books in the Build Profitable Websites Series

Setting up your site: domains, hosting, WordPress, and writers Developing content: article directions, images, videos, and on page factors Publication syndication: social signals, RSS feeds, and secondary properties Outreach: blog comments, wiki articles, press releases, groups and sub Reddit’s Back linking: getting high quality links Back linking: Stealing your competition’s links Building your own link […]

10 Ideas to Write Press Releases About – July 29, 2015

Local – Plastic surgery (pick specialty) statistics Local – New How-To Guide: Getting more traffic to your business’ website Affiliate/CPA – New Comparison Guide – mypcbackup vs cloud backup (maxbounty) Affiliate/CPA – New Award for Product – steel building Affiliate/CPA – New Top 10 List – dating programs Semantic Keyword Resarch – Underground Info Report […]

10 Ideas on Ways to Improve My Sites – July 24 2015

Clean up analytics remove referrer spam remove UA-id spam move to piwik? Check for inner pages that are getting traffic & write more Figure out the topics that are attractive to the marketplace and build on those Do keyword research for additional, related topics to add to the site Article format ideas – http://www.movoto.com/blog/movoto-com/buzzfeed-for-real-estate/ Add […]

10 Ideas for Apps to Develop – July 23, 2015

Paleo Road Trip – Find the nearest paleo friendly food on the road map search radius Is this Paleo – Scan bar code, refer to database, determine if ingredients are paleo Miracle Morning – meditation, guided affirmation, guided visualization, exercise motivation, writing suggestions – all timed. Random breakfast generator Pack your lunch – suggest brown […]