A Look at Facebook’s Libra Coin

So the crypto world is abuzz this morning as we get some insight into Facebook’s crypto project, called Libra. Here’s the generic whitepaper: And it’s an interesting read. Basically what they are creating is a hybrid between Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Tether (USDT) with default integration into Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and whatever else is […]

Utter Nonsense: “No Jobs on a Dead Planet”

This one is starting to trend on reddit: https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/no-jobs-on-a-dead-planet-warns-world-s-top-union-leader-20190617-p51yia.html And there are the usual cheerleading comments about how the Earth is doomed. Let’s hear the wisdom of George Carlin on the subject Let’s say the worst predictions of climate change come to pass. Rising sea levels, storms, crop failures, etc. The Earth, as a planet, […]

Is it Worth My Buying a Car?

For various convoluted reasons, I find myself without a car right now. So today, I took an uber from home to work and then back from work to home. Total cost was 21.68 USD. And I got to thinking that 22 bucks isn’t too bad. Is it actually worth buying a car in my situation? […]

Are PALnet and SplinterTalk the Killer dApps?

I just had this thought. Part of the problem with STEEM is the network effect, or really lack thereof. As a network gains nodes (users in our case), the value or power of that network raises in a square-law fashion. So a Network A with twice as many users as Network B has a value […]

Let’s Destroy Society Out of Spite

I saw this posted in r/LateStateCapitalism today. And I found this comment a little ways down the thread: iowaboy 55 points ยท 59 minutes ago Here’s the deal: I don’t think it’s worthwhile to criticize executive compensation. Instead, we should criticize stock dividends. This is for two reasons: (1) executive pay is a very small […]

The Rental Democracy

So I just wanted to take a minute and talk about the way the rental market for cards is going to bring about a great deal of democratization in SplinterLands. In yesterday’s post, I showed how anyone can rent a Diamond level deck for less than 2 USD per day. What does that actually mean? […]

Can You Compete on All Rented Cards?

There was some discussion today in the #mavericks-house channel on the Discord about card rentals, and I wanted to see if I could figure out if you can actually make financial sense out making a deck of all rented cards. If you want to skip all the math, the answer is… actually, yes. It does […]

Thoughts on Voice, KYC, and Butts

So I saw that the much-awaited EOS social media platform, Voice, is launching, and I saw lots of people not liking the authentication requirements. I have a few thoughts in no particular order. Voice.com as a domain must of cost a bundle. Having a few billion raised makes that kind of thing possible. I watched […]

What is the Basic Task of Life?

So I was reading this complete train wreck of a post on reddit: And it got me thinking about what the basic criteria are for success in life. My first-pass answer in a very basic, biological frame is to leave the species better off than it was before. For basic animals that means propagating your […]

Potion Stats Coming Soon

I’m compiling data on the potions I used yesterday in the 500-pack anniversary promotion. I got the usual 75 bonus packs, but I also got 100 bonus orbs. So that’s a total of 3375 cards for 1k USD. It’s a hell of a deal. But here’s some eye candy while you wait.