Ideas for July 22

Word of the Day: Yooper – native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Well, that’s an interesting starter. Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Michigan: A: Rich, glacial soil D: Communist government and locals D: Corrupt and bankrupt cities A: Bankrupt cities A: Easy travel to Canada D: Cold, snowy winters A: With […]

Ideas for July 21

I’ve been listening a lot to James Altucher’s podcasts recently. He talks a lot about using your idea muscle as part of the daily practice of becoming healthier physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. And I think he’s right. So I decided to brainstorm idedas based on a word of the day. These aren’t necessarily good […]

Homo creatus

I’ve been having this idea recently that our species, Homo sapiens – the thinking man, is misnamed. Instead, Homo creatus – the creating man is more appropriate. Now before any biology geeks jump down my throat, I am sure that creatus is not the proper Latin or Greek or whatever. Fine, have it your way. […]

What is Your Great Going?

I remember watching a talk given by the Blue Zones guy about cultures that have unusually long lifespans. He said there were certain commonalities among them that helped to explain how many people over the age of 100 continued to live in these areas. The one bit that really stuck with me was the “ikidai” […]

The E-Myth Revisited and Opportunity Cost

One of my favorite podcasters, Jake Desyllas of The Voluntary Life, tweeted this today: E Myth Revisited by @MichaelEGerber is one of the books every small business entrepreneur should read. My review: — Jake Desyllas (@thevoluntary) June 10, 2014 To which I responded that one of the big issues that Gerber doesn’t address is […]

Giving to Charity is Stupid

File this one under barbequed sacred cow. I think giving to charity is dumb. And harmful to the people you think you are helping 99% of the time. So before you get out your pitchfork, let’s examine what the point of charity is: helping people. But helping them to do what? There are cases where […]