The Fed and the Foreign Markets Trap

  So the Fed decided to leave rates unchanged, which did not surprise me at all. See my last post about it in early September where I said they wouldn’t. The fundamental problem that The Fed faces now is that the markets, especially foreign markets are going to front-run any expected rate hike. So markets will go down, and that gives The Fed the excuse it needs to not raise rates. They can always just say, “Oh, it’s not our fault, but foreign markets are weighing on the US economy.” It’s the perfect scapegoat! So in short, I was right.  

The 5 Traffic Sources

There are 5 basic sources for web traffic. Source 1: Organic Search When people talk about SEO, this is the traffic source they want to build. If you rank #1 for a particular search term, you are going to get somewhere around 35% of the traffic querying that term. Source 2: Paid Traffic Paid traffic comes from ads, in whatever form that might be. Facebook, Google, Bing, LinkedIn, twitter, banner networks, solo ads, etc. There are plenty of people out there willing to take your money in exchange for exposing their audience to your message. This includes offline avenues of marketing like tv, billboards, direct mail, and so on. Source 3: Social Traffic Social traffic comes from building a following of some kind on a social media platform. One of the advantages of social traffic is that it is typically very targeted and these people already like you. That’s how you built the following in the first place. Source 4: Referrals Referrals come from other websites. In this overall model, we are really talking about other content website as opposed to ad placements or social traffic. Source 5: List Traffic List traffic comes from the traffic you create by sending messages to your email list. This is closely related to social traffic. So, that’s great and all, but the question we need to be asking is how do we increase our share of each type of traffic? I will be writing about that in future installments.

The Plan

I have almost 40 sites that I am currently working on. So I need a plan to keep organized. WR1 Content Hiring inexpensive writers to add content Roughly $6 per 1,000 words 5 article per writer per week 20 articles per writer per month $120 per writer per month Currently I have one good writer on health topics I have another so-so writer for general topics How much to add to which sites? For authority/amazon sites I want to be adding content at least once per week For the MNS, do I rotate through all the sites and only update them once a month? I’d rather focus 0n a few at first, let the others age, and then update in batches. With 6 authority/amazon sites, that only leaves 4 spots per week for MNS articles. So I will select 8 MNS sites to work on for the month. Sites 1-4 are on week A, sites 5-8 are on week B. WR2-3 Web 2.0s Have JR follow the checklist to build WR2s and WR3s for all the new (and old content) WR2 PinVid Build 2 PinVids per week (note: waiting for hosting to get sorted out) WR3 Linking Domains Build 1 linking domain every 2 weeks And that’s the overall plan. I think it’s a good one. Fundamentally, adding content is less expensive than building additional linking properties.

5 Simple Steps to Buying a Linking Domain

Intro & Overview Here in the intro, I tell you about my experience over the years of developing linking domains & PBNs and why link building matters. I’ll give you a hint: it’s because they work! Step 1: Competition Research It is important to look at your competition to determine how many and what kind of links you will need to build in order to win the search engine ranking wars. Step 2: Getting Lists There are 4 different ways to get lists of domains to acquire. In this video I get into each method. Step 3: Assessing Strength With all these different metrics, which one is most important? Each measurement has its flaws, so you have to take a well rounded approach. Step 4: Assessing Health Just because a domain is strong does not mean that it will work for you as a linking domain. You have to make sure that the domain is healthy as well. I’ll show you how. Step 5: Verification This is the step where most SEOs make their BIGGEST mistake. You must verify what you think you know before spending the money to buy a domain. Bonus Step: Footprint Elimination I’ll show some quick and easy techniques to hide your footprints when buying linking domains.

DeBeers, The Fed, and The Market, Oh My!

Hey, everybody I just wanted to make a quick post about this video that I just put up on YouTube. I was doing my browsing on Reddit this morning and I saw an article from Bloomberg that was talking about the cut in diamond prices from DeBeers. This got my attention since DeBeers is more or less a global monopoly on the diamond market So this may be think, why would DeBeers lower prices? The only answer is that there isn’t enough demand. And what does that mean for the global economy? Diamonds are a pure luxury consumption item. People buy them as gifts and people buy them for weddings. These are natural behaviors within our culture. So if people are buying fewer diamonds, that means that they simply do not have the money to do so. It is a sign of the times. The global consumer simply doesn’t have the cash to buy. So how does that tie-in to what’s going on in the stock market now where we had a day of the Dow Jones industrial average going down 1000 points? Essentially what is going on is that people are assuming the Federal Reserve is going to be raising interest rates in September. Even though Jenny Yellen has come out and said that if they do raise rates it’s going to be very small and are going to take a long time. For whatever reason, people have interpreted this to mean that Richard go way up the dollars and get stronger and therefore prices must come down. So they want to get out while the getting is good. That’s why stocks all across the world have been going down over the last little while. The silver lining for all those buy-and-hold investors out there is that the Fed can now use this as an excuse to not raise rates. In fact, I think they will use these events as an excuse to ramp up the printing presses again with another round of quantitative easing.

10 Ideas for Content Marketing a New Article – July 30, 2015

Create a video based on the article. Post to video sites with links back to article and WRS1, embed on WR1 Create a PR release on new article and/or new video ($35) Curate article/video in DAS (JR) Create WR2 & WR3 based on article (JR) Hit WR3 with GSA Hit DAS with GSA RSS syndicate WR1, WR2, WR3, DAS Send video GSA and views Push signals to all nodes PR/TF/DA post

10 Ideas to Write Press Releases About – July 29, 2015

Local – Plastic surgery (pick specialty) statistics Local – New How-To Guide: Getting more traffic to your business’ website Affiliate/CPA – New Comparison Guide – mypcbackup vs cloud backup (maxbounty) Affiliate/CPA – New Award for Product – steel building Affiliate/CPA – New Top 10 List – dating programs Semantic Keyword Resarch – Underground Info Report (LeadMagnet) Semantic Keyword Resarch – New Paid Case Study (Splinter) Semantic Keyword Resarch – New Service (CoreOffer) Affiliate/CPA – New Comparison Guide – robotic mowers Affiliate/CPA – New Company – Jody’s tactical Amazon thing

10 Ideas on Ways to Improve My Sites – July 24 2015

Clean up analytics remove referrer spam remove UA-id spam move to piwik? Check for inner pages that are getting traffic & write more Figure out the topics that are attractive to the marketplace and build on those Do keyword research for additional, related topics to add to the site Article format ideas – Add 2,000 words per week Add custom videos to WRS1 Build DAS based on videos Build cross-platform networks based on keywords Build pinvid WR2s per silo or per page Build web 2.0 WR2 & WR3 blast these with links RSS syndication create lead magnet/splinter funnels powered by ads optimize monetization