10 Ideas for More Books in the Build Profitable Websites Series

Setting up your site: domains, hosting, WordPress, and writers Developing content: article directions, images, videos, and on page factors Publication syndication: social signals, RSS feeds, and secondary properties Outreach: blog comments, wiki articles, press releases, groups and sub Reddit’s Back linking: getting high quality links Back linking: Stealing your competition’s links Building your own link […]

My Semantic Keyword Research Book is Out!

I am so excited to tell you that my book, Semantic Keyword Research: The 5 Step Process to Building Websites with 10 Times Less Work is finally available on Amazon. This book has been in the works for about a year and I decided to write it simply because the amount of garbage I see […]

Using Your Competitor’s Keywords to find Profit Targets

So I was having this discussion on Reddit today on the bigseo sub Reddit about using your competitors keywords in order to do your own keyword research. One commentor talked about using scraping tools like some rush and in others in order to find competitor keywords. I then spelled out a quick seven step process […]

The Fed and the Foreign Markets Trap

  So the Fed decided to leave rates unchanged, which did not surprise me at all. See my last post about it in early September where I said they wouldn’t. The fundamental problem that The Fed faces now is that the markets, especially foreign markets are going to front-run any expected rate hike. So markets […]

The 5 Traffic Sources

There are 5 basic sources for web traffic. Source 1: Organic Search When people talk about SEO, this is the traffic source they want to build. If you rank #1 for a particular search term, you are going to get somewhere around 35% of the traffic querying that term. Source 2: Paid Traffic Paid traffic […]

The Plan

I have almost 40 sites that I am currently working on. So I need a plan to keep organized. WR1 Content Hiring inexpensive writers to add content Roughly $6 per 1,000 words 5 article per writer per week 20 articles per writer per month $120 per writer per month Currently I have one good writer […]

5 Simple Steps to Buying a Linking Domain

Intro & Overview Here in the intro, I tell you about my experience over the years of developing linking domains & PBNs and why link building matters. I’ll give you a hint: it’s because they work! Step 1: Competition Research It is important to look at your competition to determine how many and what kind […]

DeBeers, The Fed, and The Market, Oh My!

Hey, everybody I just wanted to make a quick post about this video that I just put up on YouTube. I was doing my browsing on Reddit this morning and I saw an article from Bloomberg that was talking about the cut in diamond prices from DeBeers. This got my attention since DeBeers is more […]