Ideas for June 22, 2015

Here’s my idea list for today. Today’s word of the day is roustabout which roughly means unskilled manual labor. So today’s idea list is going to center around things or inventions that could make manual labor easier. Of course the easiest manual labor is none. So how do we help people in manual labor jobs transitioned either to financial independence or knowledge-based work? Start a business catering to manual laborers that will help them automatically save money. Invest that money with a minimum of fees to produce growth and income. Once that income exceeds their day job income, then they have the financial independence to either change careers or do nothing. Develop a series of videos related to something kids are interested in that well demonstrate research, critical thinking, and extrapolation skills. Create outreach centers that will teach better English. Create financial products for tax return money. Develop mobile healthcare checkup systems. Ensure that manual labor workers have a disability insurance, since they are three times more likely to be disabled by retirement age and they are to be killed. Make sure that they have life insurance. Provide business and tax advice for side projects. Create course on affiliate marketing with a focus on outsourcing technical skills.

Ideas for June 19, 2015

Ideas to increase niche site rankings Reorganize content into silos with supporting semantic keyword research Optimize on page content to include supporting semantic keywords Add webrings Add at least 1 WR2 for each silo page Add at least 2 WR3 for each WR2 Do RSS syndication Use aggregators & braids to diversify Add Social WRS1 Add social likes to pages and syndicated content Create custom video for each silo page markup each video post to multiple video sites Create at least 1 DAS for each silo page Build custom PBN Get authority site links Add NAP to About page, do maps, and get citations

Ideas for June 17, 2015

10 ideas on how to get more & better rest Get blackout curtains in the bedroom Get a bigger mattress Turn down the temperature at night Start getting the baby ready for bed earlier Eliminate screen time at night Wake the baby up a little earlier so she will nap earlier, and go to sleep earlier Take a walk in the evening Use the getting things done capture method to get things out of mind re-read getting things done Change sound machine from white noise to waveform white noise Stop eating junk

#JustGovThings Parking at the DMV

At almost every private business, the parking for customers is the closest and the parking for staff is the farthest away. As I was paying my extortion fees property taxes upon registering my car in a new state, I realized that here at the DMV, the closest spots are reserved for the staff and the “customers” are relegated to walking as far possible. Granted, the parking lot had plenty of handicapped parking close to the door. Of course that part of the lot was completely empty. The actual difference in number of feet walked by each person to the building doesn’t matter so much as how this arrangement is reflective of government’s attitude towards chattel (that’s you).

So I just ordered 30 new websites for our website publishing business for $570. That does not include the cost of the domains or hosting. I’m wondering if it is worth buying a new hosting package for these sites specifically. The domains will cost about $360, so we are looking at $930 minimum to get started which works out to $31 per site to have the basic niche selection, site setup, and first two articles written. That’s not too bad. If I add a new hosting package, it comes out to about $42 for the first full year. The expected return per site is about $15 in the first year as-is, which works out to 48% if we use our existing hosting resources or 35% if we get new hosting. The overall plan will be to get the sites up and running, and then do some semantic keyword research to flesh out the sites quite a bit. That will increase costs, but should provide a more substantial return.

Ideas for May 7, 2015

virtuoso May 07, 2015 noun \ver-choo-OH-soh\ Definition 1 : someone skilled in or having a taste for the fine arts 2 : someone who excels in the technique of an art; especially : a highly skilled musical performer 3 : a person who has great skill at some endeavor The Automatic Expert Theme – this group of ideas will revolve around developing a platform to turn someone into an automatic expert. Once a topic is picked, data mine the top 20 selling books on that topic and create a unique word cloud to automatically extract key ideas. Hire researchers (college kids) to dive into those key ideas and compile reports into a single synthesized “current state of the art.” Create list building website on topic Break down state of the art report into manageable chunks and flesh out to 10-20,000 words. Publish each chunk as a kindle e-book – Income source #1. Each book will have links to list building website. As the list builds, the authors expert status will build. Follow up with webinars on topic. Upsell from webinar would be courses/training/other one-to-many content depending on topic. – Income source #2 Upsell from one-to-many would be one-to-one coaching/training. – Income source #3 After expert status is established, annual/semi-annual conferences. – Income source #4

Ideas for Jan 17

I’ve been slacking on my idea generation. So when is now a good time to start? Now! Impish Impish adj. Mischievous. Inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun. “He approached her with an impish grin on his face.” Plus size costume shop Trident forks Cartoon artist social network Bedazzle mail in service … Man, I need to get back into practice!

Ideas for September 23

syllepsis \suh-LEP-sis\ DEFINITION noun 1 : the use of a word to modify or govern syntactically two or more words with only one of which it formally agrees in gender, number, or case 2 : the use of a word in the same grammatical relation to two adjacent words in the context with one literal and the other metaphorical in sense  electronic shower temperature feedback control system remote control lawn service automated car caravans ad hoc IP video security systems moving replication service – replicate your household instead of moving it alarm/shower/breakfast automation systems robotic dog walkers automated umbrellas for shade & water collection This is one of the toughest idea lists I’ve done.

Book Ideas

I have a number of books in my head. Here are some ideas for them: 16 things I learned about you by doing your taxes How to Ace Any Test SEO for (insert profession here) How to Build Your Own Ranking Machine Instant Blog Ideas that Get Traffic How I Lost 50 Pounds without Exercise by Eating Bacon How Not to Run a Bar Building Your Brand on the Web Do What the Government Wants and Avoid Taxes Chinese Silver and the Future Lose Weight with Tibetan Butter Tea