Ideas for September 19

velar \VEE-ler\ DEFINITION adjective 1 : formed with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate 2 : of, forming, or relating to a velum and especially the soft palate create website support for dentists without borders and the weston a price foundation educational videos about childhood arch development and chewing primal baby food create amylase/saliva drops to predigest food

Ideas for September 18

Here’s my idea list for the day. hegemony \hih-JEM-uh-nee\ DEFINITION noun 1 : dominant influence or authority over others 2 : the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group grow adsense revenue with network empire domination techniques mow every lawn in a neighborhood dating site for fat people turn a neighborhood into a massive parallel market garden saturate a book niche with amazon kindle write a book about the part time/temp worker revolution change the plunger market with the korean toilet film create vermicompost from starbucks coffee grinds welfare benefits website unemployed guide to life

Ideas for the Idea Sex Generator

My idea list is going to be a little different today. I was listening to one of the Ask Altucher podcasts today and James was talking about having Choose Yourself meetings. He suggested that one of the segments of such meetings should be an Idea Sex session. So that got me thinking, and I had an idea for creating an idea sex generator. Here’s my idea list around the idea sex generator: A simple website that has 2 input fields for 10 ideas each User clicks submit The website spins both lists together to produce 100 combination ideas The output will have check boxes to eliminate nonsensical ideas And here are some promotion ideas: send an email to James & Aaron telling them about this free tool I’m creating contact any Meetups about Choose Yourself comment on the Idea Sex podcast page Leave an Amazon review contact the guest from the Idea Sex podcast (entrepreneur on fire) Set up facebook ads targeting altucher fans Tweet during James’ q&a write an Idea Sex book Get submissions from Altucher fans to create videos of successful idea sex give it to James

Ideas for Aug 31

Ok, so I haven’t been keeping up with my idea lists. Oh well, forward is our only choice. permutation\per-myoo-TAY-shun\ DEFINITION noun 1 : often major or fundamental change (as in character or condition) based primarily on rearrangement of existent elements; also : a form or variety resulting from such change 2 a : the act or process of changing the lineal order of an ordered set of objects b : an ordered arrangement of a set of objects a service to implement getting things done, Evernote tracking, and numerical filing in offices feng shui interior design services a tv show about competitive house of card stacking stock allocation research services vertical farming systems with aquaponics rearrange homes to have gyms as the first thing upon entering put 5 person schools in office buildings give cars away for free, install “billboards” inside this might actually be a billion dollar idea start with buying used cars install some sort of radio override when driver is near an advertiser play ad whether radio is on or not buyer must agree to to tamper with system or face repo structured as a rental or lease? example $10,000 car normal lease would be around $200/mo how to many advertisers at what price are needed to generate the same $200? easy targets: gas chains, fast food chains this could be broken out as a service for any car manufacturer

Ideas for Aug 22

Here’s my idea list for today: Davy Jones’s Locker \day-vee-johnz-LAH-ker\ DEFINITION noun : the bottom of the ocean underwater mineral mining extract gold and other precious metals from seawater saltwater aquaponics with vegetables that tolerate brackish water & sea vegetables pirates of the caribbean tour groups pirate roleplay theme park build wave turbines with tethered floating air turbines for renewable power create a new type of crabbing boat that runs over the pot buoys and brings them up into an interior cargo hold area floating desalination greenhouse with aquaponics on top of sea pens for salmon or similar cruise warm water eco-tours sell hidden armaments to cargo ships to protect against pirates

Ideas for Aug 19

Here’s my idea list for today. demesne \dih-MAYN\ DEFINITION noun 1 : legal possession of land as one’s own 2 a : the land attached to a mansionb : landed property : estatec : region, territory 3 : realm, domain legal service to bring title forward and eliminate property taxes property tax appeal service castle construction business large, biologically diverse water feature installation business fractional horse ownership program – securitize race horses ad valorem tax appeal service neighborhood distributed agricultural CSA write a book on modern serfdom – the voluntary subjugation of people salt pool micro-cogeneration facilities bulletproof glass installation business

Ideas for Aug 5

viridity \vuh-RID-uh-tee\ DEFINITION noun 1 a : the quality or state of being greenb : the color of grass or foliage 2 : naïve innocence lawn mowing goat herds a pleasure cruise line for golfers garden installation & maintenance service grass clipping composter-water heaters create domestic mini golf courses neighborhood orchards tree trimming dump site, sell compost & mushrooms legal defense/lobbying group for sustainable/organic farmers frisbee golf leagues teach kids entrepreneurial skills through lawn service businesses

Ideas for Aug 4

August 04, 2014 Word of the Day Noachian\noh-AY-kee-un\ DEFINITION adjective : of or relating to the patriarch Noah or his time bible history video course sell water prepping systems sell white water rafting supplies create dam awareness monitors life extension research ebook nootropics newsletter real time archaeology mapping and social network ancient strains microbrewery create biblical sandals line of footwear mt Ararat tours

Ideas for Aug 3

Today’s word: Balkanize start free county projects inside free state project create a better taffy (paleo friendly?) service to take apart furniture for moving make jigsaw puzzles look into Greek stock market start a mountain climbing school invent a nanotube rope build a Czech crystal brokerage start a goat business lawn maintenance dairy and meat create custom glass holograms of travel pictures

Ideas for Aug 1

Word of the day: southpaw south American travel agency/tour group left handed ecommerce store right vs left bed covers for hot and cold sleepers wedding ring polisher left handed paper notebooks – I’m not really sure what this means but there has to be a way to alleviate left handers’ smudging problem south china sea oil exploration southern hospitality ebook mail order low country boil export south African textiles canned paw paws