I get this question on Quora all the time:

How do I get better rankings for my website?


In other words, how do I do SEO so that my website performs well in search results?

Fortunately, there is a system:

Step 1: (Semantic) Keyword Research

Fortunately, I wrote a whole book on this subject. Check out Semantic Keyword Research on Amazon. It will take you through all the steps to find tightly integrated groups of keywords that are low competition and profitable.

semantic keyword research

Step 2: Create Engaging, Long-Form Content

Why engaging? Because you want your users to have a positive experience with your website. High bounce rates and subsequent clicks to other results in the SERPs will negatively affect your ranking.

Why long form? Because search engines are still primarily text-based. The more relevant text you have, the more chances you give the search engine algorithms to find meaning between your content and the user’s query.

Step 3: Optimize Your On-Page Factors

Make sure your keyword density isn’t crazy. Check your meta title and description. Check your H tags. Check your schema markup (if applicable).

Step 4: Share with the World

Promote, promote, promote. Share your content on social media, secondary blogs, and everywhere else. The more chances people have to come across your content the more opportunities you will have to build your social signals and link profile.

Step 5: Get Links (if applicable)

If you need more traction, it’s time to start building links. Build your own or buy them. Links are the #1 most important factor in ranking any particular page. See moz’s ranking factor report:

moz ranking factors


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  1. As someone who writes for many sites, I honestly just want to write quality content. But, in spite of trying to avoid having to learn to be an SEO, there are so many pitfalls today that conscientious writers who don t want to get anyone penalized may need to learn how to look at the backlink profiles of everything they ever link to in order to avoid those we write about getting penalized.

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