Intro & Overview

Here in the intro, I tell you about my experience over the years of developing linking domains & PBNs and why link building matters. I’ll give you a hint: it’s because they work!

Step 1: Competition Research

It is important to look at your competition to determine how many and what kind of links you will need to build in order to win the search engine ranking wars.

Step 2: Getting Lists

There are 4 different ways to get lists of domains to acquire. In this video I get into each method.

Step 3: Assessing Strength

With all these different metrics, which one is most important? Each measurement has its flaws, so you have to take a well rounded approach.

Step 4: Assessing Health

Just because a domain is strong does not mean that it will work for you as a linking domain. You have to make sure that the domain is healthy as well. I’ll show you how.

Step 5: Verification

This is the step where most SEOs make their BIGGEST mistake. You must verify what you think you know before spending the money to buy a domain.

Bonus Step: Footprint Elimination

I’ll show some quick and easy techniques to hide your footprints when buying linking domains.

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