I have almost 40 sites that I am currently working on. So I need a plan to keep organized.

  • WR1 Content
    • Hiring inexpensive writers to add content
      • Roughly $6 per 1,000 words
      • 5 article per writer per week
      • 20 articles per writer per month
      • $120 per writer per month
      • Currently I have one good writer on health topics
      • I have another so-so writer for general topics
    • How much to add to which sites?
      • For authority/amazon sites I want to be adding content at least once per week
      • For the MNS, do I rotate through all the sites and only update them once a month?
        • I’d rather focus 0n a few at first, let the others age, and then update in batches.
        • With 6 authority/amazon sites, that only leaves 4 spots per week for MNS articles.
        • So I will select 8 MNS sites to work on for the month. Sites 1-4 are on week A, sites 5-8 are on week B.
  • WR2-3 Web 2.0s
    • Have JR follow the checklist to build WR2s and WR3s for all the new (and old content)
  • WR2 PinVid
    • Build 2 PinVids per week (note: waiting for hosting to get sorted out)
  • WR3 Linking Domains
    • Build 1 linking domain every 2 weeks

And that’s the overall plan. I think it’s a good one.

Fundamentally, adding content is less expensive than building additional linking properties.

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