Ideas for September 23

syllepsis \suh-LEP-sis\ DEFINITION noun 1 : the use of a word to modify or govern syntactically two or more words with only one of which it formally agrees in gender, number, or case 2 : the use of a word in the same grammatical relation to two adjacent words in the context with one literal […]

Ideas for September 19

velar \VEE-ler\ DEFINITION adjective 1 : formed with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate 2 : of, forming, or relating to a velum and especially the soft palate create website support for dentists without borders and the weston a price foundation educational videos about childhood arch development and chewing primal […]

Ideas for September 18

Here’s my idea list for the day. hegemony \hih-JEM-uh-nee\ DEFINITION noun 1 : dominant influence or authority over others 2 : the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group grow adsense revenue with network empire domination techniques mow every lawn in a neighborhood dating site for fat people turn a neighborhood […]