The Rental Democracy

So I just wanted to take a minute and talk about the way the rental market for cards is going to bring about a great deal of democratization in SplinterLands. In yesterday’s post, I showed how anyone can rent a Diamond level deck for less than 2 USD per day. What does that actually mean? […]

Can You Compete on All Rented Cards?

There was some discussion today in the #mavericks-house channel on the Discord about card rentals, and I wanted to see if I could figure out if you can actually make financial sense out making a deck of all rented cards. If you want to skip all the math, the answer is… actually, yes. It does […]

Potion Stats Coming Soon

I’m compiling data on the potions I used yesterday in the 500-pack anniversary promotion. I got the usual 75 bonus packs, but I also got 100 bonus orbs. So that’s a total of 3375 cards for 1k USD. It’s a hell of a deal. But here’s some eye candy while you wait.

Staking SPT on

Splinterlands/Steemmonsters has its own forum powered by the tokenBB system from @buildteam. The tokenBB system is really interesting because it’s in the STEEM blockchain, and you can find all the data on an explorer like, but it doesn’t interact much with the rest of the STEEM condensers. @steemmonsters has powered up the system by […]

Your Rev Share is Garbage

So that might sound a little harsh. But hear me out. I am seeing a lot of people in the #delegation channel of the steemmonsters/splinterlands discord asking for max level set delegations in exchange for a 50/50 or 60/40 revenue split in tournament winnings. This is an incredibly unattractive proposal for the people who have […]