1. Clean up analytics
    1. remove referrer spam
    2. remove UA-id spam
    3. move to piwik?
  2. Check for inner pages that are getting traffic & write more
    1. Figure out the topics that are attractive to the marketplace and build on those
  3. Do keyword research for additional, related topics to add to the site
    1. Article format ideas – http://www.movoto.com/blog/movoto-com/buzzfeed-for-real-estate/
    2. Add 2,000 words per week
  4. Add custom videos to WRS1
  5. Build DAS based on videos
  6. Build cross-platform networks based on keywords
  7. Build pinvid WR2s per silo or per page
  8. Build web 2.0 WR2 & WR3
    1. blast these with links
    2. RSS syndication
  9. create lead magnet/splinter funnels powered by ads
  10. optimize monetization

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