Here’s my idea list for today:

  • Davy Jones’s Locker
  • audio pronunciation
  • \day-vee-johnz-LAH-ker\


: the bottom of the ocean
  1. underwater mineral mining
  2. extract gold and other precious metals from seawater
  3. saltwater aquaponics with vegetables that tolerate brackish water & sea vegetables
  4. pirates of the caribbean tour groups
  5. pirate roleplay theme park
  6. build wave turbines with tethered floating air turbines for renewable power
  7. create a new type of crabbing boat that runs over the pot buoys and brings them up into an interior cargo hold area
  8. floating desalination greenhouse with aquaponics on top of sea pens for salmon or similar
  9. cruise warm water eco-tours
  10. sell hidden armaments to cargo ships to protect against pirates

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