Ok, so I haven’t been keeping up with my idea lists. Oh well, forward is our only choice.


: often major or fundamental change (as in character or condition) based primarily on rearrangement of existent elements; also : a form or variety resulting from such change
a : the act or process of changing the lineal order of an ordered set of objects
b : an ordered arrangement of a set of objects

  1. a service to implement getting things done, Evernote tracking, and numerical filing in offices
  2. feng shui interior design services
  3. a tv show about competitive house of card stacking
  4. stock allocation research services
  5. vertical farming systems with aquaponics
  6. rearrange homes to have gyms as the first thing upon entering
  7. put 5 person schools in office buildings
  8. give cars away for free, install “billboards” inside
    • this might actually be a billion dollar idea
    • start with buying used cars
    • install some sort of radio override
    • when driver is near an advertiser play ad whether radio is on or not
    • buyer must agree to to tamper with system or face repo
    • structured as a rental or lease?
    • example
      • $10,000 car
      • normal lease would be around $200/mo
      • how to many advertisers at what price are needed to generate the same $200?
      • easy targets: gas chains, fast food chains
      • this could be broken out as a service for any car manufacturer

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