I’ve been listening a lot to James Altucher’s podcasts recently. He talks a lot about using your idea muscle as part of the daily practice of becoming healthier physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. And I think he’s right.

So I decided to brainstorm idedas based on a word of the day. These aren’t necessarily good ideas, they are just ideas. I’ll revisit them if they percolate in my unconscious.

Today’s word: fiduciary

  • create a flippa review site to go over attractive and unattractive flippa website listings
  • create hedge fund to trade iron condors
  • cash management idea for strippers
  • tax return reviews
  • Adsense partnership
  • early retirement/IRR website
  • passive income book
  • tax lien fund
  • 401k vs regular investing article
  • alternative investments podcast/website

I kind of lucked out here in that the word of the day was a financial term and I already had lots of ideas in this space. Still, the last few ideas took me a few minutes.

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