Word of the Day: Yooper – native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Well, that’s an interesting starter.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Michigan:

  • A: Rich, glacial soil
  • D: Communist government and locals
  • D: Corrupt and bankrupt cities
  • A: Bankrupt cities
  • A: Easy travel to Canada
  • D: Cold, snowy winters
  • A: With the demise of Detroit and Flint, there is a real opportunity to start a new economy
  • A: Forests and timber
  • A: Great Lakes fishing and boating
  • A/D: Pretty isolated spots on the upper peninsula

I was about to pass on this word and find another, but decided that it would be a good brain-stretching exercise instead. The last 4 took me a long time to come up with.

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