Here’s my idea list for today.

Today’s word of the day is roustabout which roughly means unskilled manual labor. So today’s idea list is going to center around things or inventions that could make manual labor easier.

Of course the easiest manual labor is none. So how do we help people in manual labor jobs transitioned either to financial independence or knowledge-based work?

  1. Start a business catering to manual laborers that will help them automatically save money.
  2. Invest that money with a minimum of fees to produce growth and income.
    1. Once that income exceeds their day job income, then they have the financial independence to either change careers or do nothing.
  3. Develop a series of videos related to something kids are interested in that well demonstrate research, critical thinking, and extrapolation skills.
  4. Create outreach centers that will teach better English.
  5. Create financial products for tax return money.
  6. Develop mobile healthcare checkup systems.
  7. Ensure that manual labor workers have a disability insurance, since they are three times more likely to be disabled by retirement age and they are to be killed.
  8. Make sure that they have life insurance.
  9. Provide business and tax advice for side projects.
  10. Create course on affiliate marketing with a focus on outsourcing technical skills.

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