Today’s idea list is going to focus on: ways I can make $5,000 per month.

  1. Tax liens (Mostly passsive)
    1. At 18% interest, I’d need to have $333,333 invested in tax liens.
    2. Of course tax liens generate accrued lump sums, so not suitable for living on.
  2. High end SEO (Active)
    1. 2 clients at $2,500 per month would create $5,000 per month.
    2. The first couple of months would not see much in the way of profit.
  3. Selling SEO links (Active)
    1. At $100 profit per order, I’d need to have an order flow of 50 orders per month.
    2. The cost of building such a network would be high.
  4. Selling PBNs (Active)
    1. At $100 profit per site, I’d need to build 50 sites per month.
    2. This is much more doable.
  5. Build and flip websites (Active)
    1. If sites sell for 20x earnings, I’d need to create sites that bring in $3,000 per month each year.
    2. So the sites would generate $36,000 per year, and I’d sell them for $60,000 per year.
    3. This is the problem with the selling sites model.
    4. It’s good to get a cash infusion at the beginning, but after a while it just doesn’t make sense to sell.
  6. Buy websites (Passive)
    1. At the same 20x multiple, I’d have to buy $100,000 worth of sites.
    2. But only once.
    3. There are ongoing maintenance costs to consider.
  7. Build websites (Active)
    1. If the average site generates $30 per month, then I’d need to build 167 sites.
    2. At $100 per month, I’d need to build 50.
    3. Of course, this is cumulative over time.
  8. Dividend investing (Passive)
    1. At an average yield of 4%, I’d need to have $1,500,000 invested in dividend yielding stocks to get to $5,000 per month.
    2. If, instead I buy in at $800 per month and compound along the way, I’d need to buy in for 800 months (67 years) for a total investment of $480,000, reinvesting everything, to create that same capital base throwing off $5,000 per month.
    3. Of course, inflation would eat into these returns substantially.
  9. Sell Semantic Keyword Architected Sites (Active)
    1. At $199 per site, I would have to sell 25 sites per month.
    2. Factor in costs of $50, and I’d have to sell 34 sites per month to clear $5,000.
  10. Sell Incorporation Services (Active)
    1. At $230 profit per corporation, I’d have to sell 22 corporations per month.
  11. Rental Houses (Mostly passive)
    1. I’d need to acquire 10 rental properties throwing off $500 per month cash flow.
    2. In free & clear properties, I’d have to control about $500,000 of real estate.

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