May 07, 2015
: someone skilled in or having a taste for the fine arts
: someone who excels in the technique of an art; especially: a highly skilled musical performer
: a person who has great skill at some endeavor
The Automatic Expert Theme – this group of ideas will revolve around developing a platform to turn someone into an automatic expert.
  1. Once a topic is picked, data mine the top 20 selling books on that topic and create a unique word cloud to automatically extract key ideas.
  2. Hire researchers (college kids) to dive into those key ideas and compile reports into a single synthesized “current state of the art.”
  3. Create list building website on topic
  4. Break down state of the art report into manageable chunks and flesh out to 10-20,000 words.
  5. Publish each chunk as a kindle e-book – Income source #1.
  6. Each book will have links to list building website.
  7. As the list builds, the authors expert status will build. Follow up with webinars on topic.
  8. Upsell from webinar would be courses/training/other one-to-many content depending on topic. – Income source #2
  9. Upsell from one-to-many would be one-to-one coaching/training. – Income source #3
  10. After expert status is established, annual/semi-annual conferences. – Income source #4

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