My idea list is going to be a little different today. I was listening to one of the Ask Altucher podcasts today and James was talking about having Choose Yourself meetings. He suggested that one of the segments of such meetings should be an Idea Sex session.

So that got me thinking, and I had an idea for creating an idea sex generator.

Here’s my idea list around the idea sex generator:

  1. A simple website that has 2 input fields for 10 ideas each
  2. User clicks submit
  3. The website spins both lists together to produce 100 combination ideas
  4. The output will have check boxes to eliminate nonsensical ideas

And here are some promotion ideas:

  1. send an email to James & Aaron telling them about this free tool I’m creating
  2. contact any Meetups about Choose Yourself
  3. comment on the Idea Sex podcast page
  4. Leave an Amazon review
  5. contact the guest from the Idea Sex podcast (entrepreneur on fire)
  6. Set up facebook ads targeting altucher fans
  7. Tweet during James’ q&a
  8. write an Idea Sex book
  9. Get submissions from Altucher fans to create videos of successful idea sex
  10. give it to James

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