I’ve been listening to a lot of Joe Rogan’s podcast lately. It’s pretty easy to see why it’s one of the most popular podcasts in internet-land. He talks to really interesting people for really long periods of time.

Not every episode is with someone who’s developed in an area that I’m particularly interested in, but 3 or 4 out of 5 are. That’s pretty amazing.

And because they are really long form talks, you get to listen to them explore all kinds of topics.

One of the things I’ve heard him say again and again is that part of the magic is that he is actually talking to people in person. I think that’s key. So much of communication is non-verbal that our text or voice only conversations lack in comparison.

So here’s my idea for a podcast: a traveling Rogan-type show with people I find interesting like authors, business people, engineers, scientists, health experts, and more. I go to wherever these people are in the world, bring along a little mobile studio (or maybe book a local one), and we have a chat.

It might be 45 minutes. It might be 3 hours. Plus I get to travel and see new places, have fun with the family, and all that jazz.

Adding this to the bucket list.

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