Yesterday I stumbled across 2 very important videos on YouTube.

The first one was from a neuroscientist in the UK who was making the point that physiology -> emotion -> feeling -> thinking -> doing -> results.

The second one was a documentary on Wim Hof, the Iceman.

In the first video, David, the speaker, was saying that to really change your life, you have to change how you feel. Interestingly, this lines up perfectly with what I’ve been reading in the Tony Robbins book.

In order to get control over your feeling, you start at the base of everything with your physiology. And the single most important element in your physiology is your heartbeat. So his method is to control your heartbeat and train it into coherence through rhythmic breathing. Having done lots of breathing exercises in the past, I know this works for entraining the heart.

Once the heartbeat is in coherence, the emotion (summation of physical states) becomes coherent.

Once the emotion is coherent, we feel positive (expressing DHEA in the brain). This positive can be relaxed or excitatory. So long as it is positive, it will work.

In the state of positive feeling, our thoughts will be more beneficial, more creative, and more results oriented.

From there we not only know what actions to do, but will in fact do them.

In the second video, the Iceman documentary, Wim Hof explains how his breathing method allows us to interact more directly with our brain stem and gain more control over our hormonal systems. This is what enables him to climb mountains without and clothing, sit in ice baths for hours, and so on.

More importantly, anybody can do this with the proper breathing and focus.

So exerting control over your endocrine system to release more adrenaline should enable you to have better exercise and overall health.

What I especially love about all of this is that it dovetails nicely into the Miracle Morning method.

The more I learn about human potential the more I realize that at the root of it all it’s very basic stuff and it follows the path of evolution. Breathe, Move, Think, Do.

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