In today’s reading, Robbins was discussing value sets and how important it is to make sure what you are doing is in alignment with your values. To do otherwise is to cause yourself misery.

Part of the exercise is to write down your top 10 values. These are mine at this particular point in time:

  1. freedom
  2. honesty
  3. love
  4. contribution
  5. curiosity
  6. building
  7. health
  8. self-reliance
  9. planning
  10. conservation

Putting it down this way really gives me clarity about what areas I need to develop. In terms of how fulfilled each value is, I’d say my list looks like this:

  1. freedom – 30%
  2. honesty – 100%
  3. love – 100%
  4. contribution – 50%
  5. curiosity – 100%
  6. building – 70%
  7. health – 20%
  8. self-reliance – 50%
  9. planning – 50%
  10. conservation – 10%

A lot of these work together. I can fulfill my values for curiosity, building, and planning to achieve more freedom. So that’s a 4-bagger.

Health I am working on by hiring a personal trainer and getting my diet in check.

My biggest area for development is conservation. I think until I develop my permaculture homesteads that area will continue to be lacking.

But overall this gives me a great view on what to do with new activities to check if they are in alignment with my values.

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