Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a few articles that combine into what I see as a national security imperative.

First, there was an article that the Chinese military is having trouble with recruits being too fat and masturbating too much to enter military service.

Then I saw an article about a Chinese start-up that is doing mail-order sex doll rentals. They swear they are sanitized between uses!

Today I see an article about a sex robot being shown at a tech conference that will moan when you touch it being broken by the attendees to the conference.

Sex robots are here, and they are probably going to be amazing.

Here’s where national security comes into play:

DARPA, the CIA, and whoever else should subsidize and create companies in hostile (or potentially hostile) countries like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc that sell/rent/whatever sex robots. While you’re at it, put money into R&D to create ever-better sex robots.

The idea here is to undermine the young male population of the foreign country so that their military is weak, their population growth slows or reverses, and basically these young men are trapped in dopamine addiction.

This would probably also work with the migrant populations in Europe causing so much trouble.

Keep them fat, dumb, and unable to build meaningful relationships with their local women.

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