Splinterlands/Steemmonsters has its own forum powered by the tokenBB system from @buildteam.

The tokenBB system is really interesting because it’s in the STEEM blockchain, and you can find all the data on an explorer like steemd.com, but it doesn’t interact much with the rest of the STEEM condensers.

@steemmonsters has powered up the system by adding the splinterlands talk token, SPT.

So when you upvote a comment or post on monsters.tokenbb.io you are upvoting with both STEEM Power and your staked SPT. So you can get rewards in SP, SBD, and SPT.

@aggroed has a promotion going for Monster Mavericks to give away 100,000 SPT until June 1. So hit him up on the discord to get yours.

I ended up asking aggroed how to stake the SPT that I got through his promo, and it goes like this:

1, go to steem-engine.com
2, go to your wallet
3, find your SPT in your wallet
4, click the lock icon
5, choose how many SPT you want to stake

And you’re done. Pretty easy system.

According to aggroed if you want to power down it’s a 4-week power down process.

I decided to stake 90% of my SPT because you never know when you will need some liquidity!

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