I remember watching a talk given by the Blue Zones guy about cultures that have unusually long lifespans. He said there were certain commonalities among them that helped to explain how many people over the age of 100 continued to live in these areas.

The one bit that really stuck with me was the “ikidai” in the Okinawan community. I can still picture the image he put on the screen of a man who was 102 or 103 dressed in a gi and choking a fellow martial artist. It looked like a Judo match to me.

As it happens, I studied Japanese in high school for a bit, and I know that the roots of the word, “ikidai” mean “great going.” As in, what is your great reason to keep on living?

For me, my great going has always been personal freedom. As far as I can tell, I’ve had a problem with people telling me what to do since I was a child. I have continued to look for ways to free myself of the systems of control that are prevalent in every society.

And that’s been fairly effective as a great going for the past decade or so.

But now that I am married and a new father, I have found that, cliched as it is, my daughter has become my great going. I want to show her the world and help her learn how she can live a life of freedom.

So that’s my reason for getting out of bed and working hard to develop my business systems.

What’s your great going?

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