So that might sound a little harsh.

But hear me out.

I am seeing a lot of people in the #delegation channel of the steemmonsters/splinterlands discord asking for max level set delegations in exchange for a 50/50 or 60/40 revenue split in tournament winnings.

This is an incredibly unattractive proposal for the people who have the max level set.


Well, several reasons.

One, I have to rely on you not to screw me.

Two, the returns aren’t great. Let’s say you are the big winner. What does that get our little joint venture?

Diamond League Tournament Payouts

A whopping 35 STEEM. In a 50/50 arrangement, that means 17.5 STEEM for me. Which in USD terms is about seven bucks. Wow.

And last, but not least, Three, what makes you think you are going to win? The competition level at the highest brackets is immense. You think you are going to waltz in there and win just because you have max level cards? So does everyone else! They also have experience competing at those levels with those top-level abilities.

So no, I won’t be doing any joint ventures with people for cards. If you want them, you can lease them like everyone else over at @peakmonsters.

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