Author: neal

Dec 13, 2023 – The Journey to Self-Sufficiency and Resilience | Daily Thoughts

A Morning of Farming Insights This morning’s vlog finds me amidst the frost, tending to my chickens and pondering the deeper implications of self-sufficiency. From modifying chicken coops to planning for new additions like quail and rabbits, it’s a journey that’s both challenging and incredibly rewarding. Connecting with the Land Despite living on a suburban […]

Dec 11, 2023 – AI Companions and Their Impact on Society and Economy | Daily Thoughts

A Morning of Tech and Reflection As I braved a frosty morning managing my virtual assets in Splinterlands, my thoughts drifted to a significant and emerging trend: AI influencers and companions. This vlog captures my musings on how these technological innovations could profoundly affect our societal structures. The Role of AI in Social Dynamics The […]

Dec 9, 2023 – Strategic Financial Planning | Daily Thoughts

Digital Asset Management Today’s vlog begins with a hands-on session managing my Splinterlands land plots. This gaming experience provides a real-time lesson in asset management, yield generation, and strategic resource allocation. It’s fascinating to see how virtual gaming can mirror real-world financial strategies. The Yields of Digital Assets Contrary to my initial apprehensions, the yields […]

Dec 8, 2023 – True Values | Daily Thoughts

A Morning of Reflection This morning, while tending to the chickens with my daughter eagerly waiting for breakfast, I found myself contemplating the true essence of success. It was a moment that brought into focus the real priorities in life, far beyond the usual metrics of success. Beyond Material Success In a conversation with my […]

Dec 6, 2023 – Staying Accountable | Daily Thoughts

A Morning of Challenge This morning was a test of commitment. Battling the cold and an unexpected allergy attack, I found myself questioning whether to record my daily vlog. But a moment of introspection changed my perspective. The Essence of Accountability Accountability is often perceived as a responsibility towards others. However, today I realized it’s […]