So I saw that the much-awaited EOS social media platform, Voice, is launching, and I saw lots of people not liking the authentication requirements.

I have a few thoughts in no particular order. as a domain must of cost a bundle. Having a few billion raised makes that kind of thing possible.

I watched the keynote address on the site. Apparently, you can’t buy Voice tokens, only earn them with upvotes. So if they aren’t buy-able, that also means they aren’t sell-able. So what is going to create a market value? Where do the tokens come from? There was a passing reference to using them for promoting your post “and more.” I’d like to see the details on the more part.

A lot of the crypto-community really doesn’t like the user authentication parts. And I understand that. On the other hand, the rest of the world doesn’t really care. So I don’t see this being a huge hurdle.

Most importantly, high-brow doesn’t sell. So if you can’t buy tokens or votes or whatever else you want to call the various methods of advertising, that would mean it would truly be a popularity contest. So if you are looking for “good” or “quality” content, Voice isn’t going to be that. It’s going be jokes, memes, and pictures of girls’ asses with a smattering of celeb gossip and news.

I’m interested to see how it all turns out. I suspect it will not be a steemit killer or twitter killer or anything killer. I signed up for the beta though, so we’ll see.

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