Dec 1, 2023 – Embracing the Unpredictable | Daily Thoughts

Today, as I gazed out at the rain, a few thoughts struck me, leading to an impromptu exploration of themes ranging from climate models to financial strategies.

There’s something about a rainy day that invites reflection. Despite the gloom, it’s a tad warmer today, thanks to the cloud cover. This led me to ponder over climate models and their often-overlooked intricacies, like the inclusion (or exclusion) of clouds.

In a similar vein, I touched upon the subject of financial modeling, inspired by Larry Steinhaus’s book ‘Money Hacks.’ The book delves into using credit in aggressive, yet strategic ways to bolster investment opportunities. It’s a concept I’m considering experimenting with in a new video series.

This day-to-day journey of sharing thoughts with you all is an exploration of the right and wrong in plans and projections. As we move closer to the year’s end, it’s intriguing to think about how our perceptions and strategies might evolve in the upcoming year.

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Till our next day’s adventure