Dec 13, 2023 – The Journey to Self-Sufficiency and Resilience | Daily Thoughts

A Morning of Farming Insights

This morning’s vlog finds me amidst the frost, tending to my chickens and pondering the deeper implications of self-sufficiency. From modifying chicken coops to planning for new additions like quail and rabbits, it’s a journey that’s both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Connecting with the Land

Despite living on a suburban quarter-acre, I feel a strong connection to the land and the food I produce. This connection, I believe, fulfills a fundamental human need to be in harmony with our surroundings.

The Health Benefits of Fresh Food

There’s something special about consuming food that you’ve raised or grown yourself. You simply can’t replicate the freshness of an egg just laid or the quality of meat from animals raised in your backyard. This kind of freshness not only tastes better but is also healthier.

Building Resilience through Self-Sufficiency

I delve into how a bit of domestic food production can significantly enhance our resilience. In times of unexpected crises, like heavy snowfall or other natural events, having your own food supply can be a game-changer. It’s about creating a buffer that offers peace of mind and practical benefits.

Looking Ahead

As I plan for expanding my little farm, I reflect on the value of self-sufficiency in various aspects of life. It’s not just about making tough times bearable but also about enriching our daily experiences. Stay tuned for more updates on this journey of building resilience and embracing the simplicity of life.