Dec 18, 2023 – Reflecting on the Year End | Daily Thoughts

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Embracing New Beginnings

Gearing Up for the Year’s End

As another cold morning greets me, along with a possibly frozen egg, I find myself in the throes of year-end preparations. With the festive season upon us and work winding down, it’s a crucial time to get all our plans in order.

The Time for Year-End Strategies

Giving my team a well-deserved break, I’m focusing on crunch time strategies to ensure we wrap up the year effectively. This period is an opportunity to review what we’ve achieved and set the stage for the upcoming year.

Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s is synonymous with resolutions, often characterized by a surge in gym memberships. Yet, experience has taught me the value of incremental change over radical, short-lived transformations. It’s about setting realistic goals and moving towards them, step by step.

My Recent Endeavor: Building Business Credit

Sharing a bit of my journey, I recently took a significant step by acquiring a new car to build business credit. This move aligns with my broader strategy of using business credit more actively for investments. It’s a calculated risk, aimed at expanding my entrepreneurial ventures.

The Incremental Approach to Goals

As we look towards the new year, I encourage everyone to start taking steps toward their goals, no matter how small. It’s not about waiting for an arbitrary date; it’s about beginning now and making steady progress.

Today’s vlog is all about embracing the end of the year with reflection and readiness for what’s ahead. It’s a reminder that the journey towards ‘The Good Life’ is made up of many small, yet significant steps.