Dec 19, 2023 – Rethinking Measurement: Wealth, Health, and Relationships | Daily Thoughts

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Contemplating Different Forms of Measurement

Inspired by an article on stock market values in gold terms, today’s vlog, “Measuring Success: Beyond the Numbers,” delves into the theme of measurement in our lives. It’s about how we quantify progress and success, not just in wealth, but in all aspects of life.

S&P 500 divided by Gold futures front contract

Wealth: More Than Just Dollars

When it comes to wealth, there are numerous ways to measure it – from traditional currency to assets like gold or Bitcoin. Another interesting perspective is to view wealth in terms of time, considering how long one can sustain their standard of living without active income.

Health: Objective and Subjective Measures

In terms of health, while there are objective measures like weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol, there’s a broader debate about which numbers truly matter. For some, it extends to monitoring diet quality or even extreme measures of health maintenance.

Relationships: The Challenge of Quantification

The trickiest part to quantify is our relationships. While there are tangible measures like the frequency of conversations or time spent together, the true essence lies in the subjective experience – the quality of these interactions and feelings involved.

The Essence of Measurement

Today’s vlog encourages us to think about what we are measuring and how. It’s about finding a balance in the ways we evaluate our lives across wealth, health, and relationships. The goal is to identify what truly adds value and joy to our lives and to focus our energies there.

Join me as we explore these different dimensions of measurement and strive to align them with our definition of ‘The Good Life.’ It’s about broadening our perspective and measuring what truly matters.