Dec 30, 2023 – Reflection on Goals and Growth | Daily Thoughts

As December 30th rolls around, marking the end of my vlog series for the year, I reflect on a small yet significant event – getting three eggs from three chickens. In my latest vlog, I connect this occurrence with the broader theme of ‘what you pay attention to improves.’

This end-of-year vlog is not just about my chickens but about the larger framework of life: setting goals, creating plans, executing them, and most importantly, maintaining them. It resonates with the SMART goals approach, the chain link of life in different areas, and the essence of doing our best.

As we bid farewell to the year and gear up for 2024, I invite you to join me in contemplating how the smallest aspects of our daily life can teach us about growth, attention, and perseverance. Watch the vlog for some end-of-year motivation and subscribe for more insights as we continue our journey towards ‘The Good Life’ in the new year. #EndOfYearReflection #GrowthMindset #DailyVlog #LifeGoals #NewYearNewBeginnings”