Dec 8, 2023 – True Values | Daily Thoughts

A Morning of Reflection

This morning, while tending to the chickens with my daughter eagerly waiting for breakfast, I found myself contemplating the true essence of success. It was a moment that brought into focus the real priorities in life, far beyond the usual metrics of success.

Beyond Material Success

In a conversation with my friend Kevin, we reflected on our journey through life, particularly now as we navigate middle age. We discussed how, in our younger years, we were caught up in the chase for worldly achievements – financial prosperity, houses, cars. But with time, our perspective has shifted.

The Real Measure of Success

The discussion with Kevin brought forth an enlightening framework: the true measure of success might just be as simple as maintaining strong relationships with our children into their adulthood. This idea resonates deeply with my recent thoughts on focusing on what’s important in life.

Shoring Up Weak Points and Taking Baby Steps

Life is about more than just accumulating wealth and accolades. It’s about the relationships we nurture, the guidance we offer to the younger generation, and the legacy we leave behind. It’s about recognizing our weaknesses and gradually working towards personal and relational goals.

Embracing What Matters

As we go about our busy lives, it’s crucial to pause and ponder on these aspects. Success is multifaceted, and its truest form is often found in the love and respect of our family, the positive influence we have on others, and the fulfillment that comes from it.