Nov 17, 2023 – Embracing Maintenance | Daily Thoughts

In today’s Daily Thoughts, I ponder over a universal principle that impacts every aspect of our lives: entropy and the need for constant maintenance.

It all started with a simple, yet touching moment last night involving a door and a request from my wife. This small act highlighted the often unnoticed efforts we make in relationships – the little things we do for the people we love. ????❤️

Maintenance isn’t just about keeping our possessions in order; it extends to our relationships, health, and even our mental well-being. Just like my routine of feeding the chickens every morning, which is not just a chore but a multifaceted activity that benefits my health, mind, and spirit.

Currently, I’m faced with decisions like choosing a new car, emphasizing reliability. It’s a reminder that everything around us requires attention and care, be it a vehicle or our living environment. ????????

I often tell my kids, and today I share with you, that effort and work are multidimensional. Whether starting a new hobby or maintaining a household, effort is the key. The act of planning and executing is crucial in all endeavors.

Let’s remember to invest our energies in maintaining and improving the things we value most. It’s these continuous, small efforts that make a significant impact.

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Looking forward to what tomorrow brings