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Understanding Economic Trends: M2 Money Supply and Adult Population Dynamics

The relationship between the M2 money supply and the adult population is a crucial factor in understanding broader economic trends and individual financial planning. In this analysis, we explore how these factors intertwine to shape our economic reality and personal financial prospects. The Significance of M2 Money Supply M2 money supply, encompassing bank deposits and […]

Dec 21, 2023 – The Power of Habits in Achieving Goals | Daily Thoughts Embracing the Chill to Reflect on Progress As the frost sets in, today‚Äôs vlog, “Building Habits for Progress,” is all about the importance of small, habitual actions in our journey towards achieving our goals. It’s a cold day, but the thoughts are warm with potential and purpose. The Essence of Baby Steps Often, we […]

Food Insecurity in LA: A Misguided Solution to a Complex Problem

Unraveling the Complexities of Food Insecurity in Los Angeles County In a world where the word “equity,” especially when associated with government programs, often raises eyebrows, the recent resolution passed by Los Angeles County to create an Office for Food Equity is no exception. For many, including myself, such terms invoke thoughts of the insurmountable […]

Back From the Dead

The light has gone out of my life Teddy Roosevelt, August 14, 1884 I am reminded of those words by Roosevelt often. He wrote them in his diary on the day his wife and his moth both died. And while I disagree with just about everything he did as a political figure, the line still […]