Scrivening 2016 06 15

Yesterday I stumbled across 2 very important videos on YouTube. The first one was from a neuroscientist in the UK who was making the point that physiology -> emotion -> feeling -> thinking -> doing -> results. The second one was a documentary on Wim Hof, the Iceman. In the first video, David, the speaker, […]

Why Demographic Trends Matter for Investments

I came across a short article on the Washington Post today that maps out the net migration patterns between states in the US and shows us this map: And opportunity to talk about the importance of demographic trends when picking investments. If we look at the map, we see that some of the most attractive […]

What are the Risks of Buying Dividend Paying Stocks?

I got another question about dividend paying stocks on quora: Why wouldn’t I buy dividend paying stocks? Are there risks? So I took a minute this morning and recorded a video showing what kind of risks, you need to look out for. There are many steps that have to occur in order for you […]

How to SEO – The 5 Step Overview

I get this question on Quora all the time: How do I get better rankings for my website? In other words, how do I do SEO so that my website performs well in search results? Fortunately, there is a system: Step 1: (Semantic) Keyword Research Fortunately, I wrote a whole book on this subject. […]

7 Factors that Make a Link Valuable

We already know that backlinks are still the most important factor in ranking a page. But there is a world of difference between a quality link and a crappy link. So in this video I go over the 7 factors that make a link valuable: Anchor Text Relevance Topical Authority of Source Domain Authority Quality […]

10 Ideas for Kevin

Videos on how rankings work with links in 2015/2016 – moz report Types of links – contextual, image, sidebar/menu Anchor text – exact, long tail, semantic, url, brand, generic What will you rank for? It depends on your on-page Quality over quantity Controlled vs uncontrolled platforms Build your own ecosystem How to use Blogsvertise most […]

10 Ideas for Processes to Document

DAS – Creating a DAS page DAS – Creating a DAS stack DAS – Socializing a DAS page DAS – Syndicating a DAS stack DAS – Creating DAS Accounts PBN – Researching domains PBN – Creating a PBN install Content – Posting an article PBN – Semantic keyword research PBN – hosting a site

Is Dividend Investing Worth It?

So I was browsing reddit and come across this thread: and it got me thinking. The poster says this: 2) Where are the problems with investing money in moderate-paying low-expense dividend ETFs? I’m having a tough time finding much information on income investing in general, and dividend ETFs seem to be a bit of […]

How Many Americans Are Really Working?

I was talking with my business partner the other day about the latest employment statistics released by the government and got to wondering: how many Americans are really working? In our tax business we see people from all walks of life with all different economic situations. A lot of people out there are struggling to […]